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Hello LJ

My first post...I have nothing really to write about...just my obsession with Queer as Folk and Brian Kinney =] I only discovered QAF about 5 months ago. I was reading something about Brokeback Mountain and someone compared Jack and Ennis' love with Brian and Justin's. Since the post only said "Brian and Justin" I thought it would take ages to find them, but it didn't. I had never heard of them yet they were so famous, it was weird =]. It didn't take long for me to fall completely in love with them, I watched the first eight episodes on the internet while waiting for the first season box-set I had ordered, I watched the rest within 24 hours of it arriving. I was hooked!! I haven't seen the last two seasons yet because I have to order them from the US and they take ages to arrive...I could only find season 1 & 2 in the UK. Brian Kinney: I love him...I wish I was Justin! Aside from the fact that he is the most gorgeous man alive, I love his attitude. The way he tries to convince everybody he doesn't care, but you can see he really does. And the way he tries so hard not to show what Justin means to him, but you know that he's fallen so hard Justin could pretty much ask him anything and he would oblige. Brian and Justin really do make the best, most in love couple EVER! 


Xabi, Spain

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