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Perhaps it's time for an update

 It's been two and a half years since my last post, so I figured LJ is due for an update. I wonder how many people, if any, have read my journal...I often feel like posting things, either to LJ, facebook or twitter...but I only feel like posting when I'm feeling stressed about things I can't tell people about. Lots of my friends often post cryptic status's on facebook, but I always get scared that someone will figure out what I'm talking about...
I'm bored now..waiting till I can go to the station to go to the mexican restaurant in London...I've got so much to do in the next few weeks...I think I've bitten off more than I can chew at uni...I don't think I'm going to get a good degree at the end...I can't seem to say no if anyone invites me out anywhere (because I want to go and seem to have lost all my willpower) and then doing all the things I have to do for football..There's just not enough time for everything...and wrongly my degree seems to be put last all the time. Hopefully once term starts I'll shape up a bit...I hope...

That's enough for now...hopefully it'll be less than two and a half years before my next post...

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!

I am so high today, I have no idea why... It could be the couple of Cokes I just drank, but I don't think so, I think it's because of New Year. I didn't have an amazing time New Years Eve or anything, I think it's just because it's a new year, a big year for me because I will be leaving school and going to Uni, so scary but really exciting at the same time, also I know I have a really long summer to just do what I want (within reason...I still have parents!). I don't have too many friends at the moment...it's not that people don't like me (I hope), it's just that I don't do that whole girly thing - I hate talking on the phone and only wear make-up occasionally. Most of the girls at my school are really into "girly" stuff. I don't have much in common with anyone at my school - Queer as folk for one thing, but loads of other stuff too - so I'm hoping at Uni I'll find some people like me. 

I have a really boring New Year's resolution this year: To lose weight. Not that much (around 5lbs), last year I lost almost two stone and for the first time in my life I'm actually pretty happy with my body. Last year's actual resolution was to not eat chocolate for the entire year, which I did.  It wasn't as hard as most people think, whenever I tell people they're like "Oh my god, how did you cope" as if chocolate is some sort of necessity that you can't live without, for the most part I didn't even miss it.

I'm jumping a bit now, but a couple of days ago I came across a new couple, Luke and Noah. Being in the UK I'd never even heard of ATWT. I was watching BJ fanvid's and found a video of them. I watched all 119 clips of "Luke and Noah's story" on you-tube and, despite the fact my computer was taking years to load them, I finally saw the last one at 1.30 yesterday morning =]. They are such a cute couple, I only wish they'd show them kiss more. I know it's a mainstream soap so it can't exactly turn into Queer as Folk, but at times a kiss is necessary. Like when they were under the mistletoe or, just before that, when they were outside. It's weird when they don't kiss and it's obvious it has been avoided just because they're a gay couple. Maybe I've just go too used to watching QAF where almost nothing is left to the imagination ;D. I actually find it weird watching straight couples now... it's just so much better with men.

I think my parents are getting worried about me, every time they walk into my room I'm watching or listening or reading something to do with QAF or other things along the same topic. A conversation has arisen several times recently about if I'm gay or not, I've explained to them that QAF has a large straight female following, along with the fact I'm watching gay MEN not women but I don't think they're convinced. I don't really care if they do think I'm a lesbian...My friends at school were also really shocked when I said I wouldn't care if I had a gay son - or daughter. One actually said she would disown her son if she found out he were gay. I think and hope she was joking but I'm not entirely sure. I told I couldn't believe she would, but that I would look after him if she did. =]

I'd better go off and do some revision now - if I want to go to Uni I've got to get good grades first. Wow, I sound like my Dad. But I guess it's true!

Hello LJ

My first post...I have nothing really to write about...just my obsession with Queer as Folk and Brian Kinney =] I only discovered QAF about 5 months ago. I was reading something about Brokeback Mountain and someone compared Jack and Ennis' love with Brian and Justin's. Since the post only said "Brian and Justin" I thought it would take ages to find them, but it didn't. I had never heard of them yet they were so famous, it was weird =]. It didn't take long for me to fall completely in love with them, I watched the first eight episodes on the internet while waiting for the first season box-set I had ordered, I watched the rest within 24 hours of it arriving. I was hooked!! I haven't seen the last two seasons yet because I have to order them from the US and they take ages to arrive...I could only find season 1 & 2 in the UK. Brian Kinney: I love him...I wish I was Justin! Aside from the fact that he is the most gorgeous man alive, I love his attitude. The way he tries to convince everybody he doesn't care, but you can see he really does. And the way he tries so hard not to show what Justin means to him, but you know that he's fallen so hard Justin could pretty much ask him anything and he would oblige. Brian and Justin really do make the best, most in love couple EVER! 

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